Our Priorities

At IJG Erlangen we have four primary goals in our spiritual walk with God and each other:

  • To love and glorify God with all that we are and all that we do in our every day life.
  • To love our neighbours and reach our community with the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus’ good news is the best and only life giving message in the world, and we want to witness and proclaim it. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we want to serve and reach the international and German community in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg/Erlangen/Fürth. We want to meet the needs of the people of today. Through our efforts we want to contribute to the value of the lives of others. We are committed to our community and feel a partnership with our city and region in matters of faith and social action.
  • Fellowship and love for the church. We want to create an environment where fellowship, friendship-relationships, faith, joy and suffering can be shared, as well as, bring others closer to God through our ministry and service. We especially strive to reach this goal with our small groups, where we want to provide an environment of familiarity for comfortable and encouraging fellowship and help one another in practical ways. In these groups, we discuss topics relevant to our daily lives in an open, trusting and committed manner with other believers.
  • To prioritise the spiritual growth of each person in the church and to help them learn to live a life as an authentic, mature and witnessing Christian who is prepared for Christ’s return. It is our goal to follow Jesus Christ and to allow our lives to be formed by Him. We want to strengthen and nurture one another and help one another find our personal calling in God. That includes unity, real serving, spiritual gifts and calling for ministry and mission, through biblical teaching, prayer and worship.