Core Values

These are the core values of the Church of God of Prophecy movement worldwide. More at


Prayer is the first of the Church of God of Prophecy’s five core values. Prayer touches everything, informs all activities, empowers all ministry and service, and permeates the work from beginning to end.

Jesus said, “It is written, my house is the house of prayer” (Matthew 21:13). Jesus gives no other description of his house anywhere. He does not talk about curtains or furniture or musical instruments. The Old Testament has a lot to say about what the tabernacle and the temple should look like and outlines in great detail the activities that are to take place in those houses of worship. Here, Jesus paints a picture for the not-as-yet-born church to see what his house is going to look like.

Jesus is quoting Isaiah, where God says, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (56:7). A house of prayer for all nations. That is the Church of God of Prophecy.

The Harvest

In 1994, the Holy Spirit clearly instructed the Church of God of Prophecy to “turn to the harvest.” This was a critical moment for our movement. God had spoken to us, and his call would direct us. The reformations the Church of God of Prophecy experienced since then have solidified our determination to remain aligned with God’s harvest priority. One simple result has been a growth in global ministry; worldwide membership is four times that of 1994. Today, the leadership of the Church of God of Prophecy holds God’s Harvest call as a core value and a central mandate. It has not been rescinded or completely fulfilled. Neither can it be until all have heard.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a third core value. The Church of God of Prophecy has used significant resources to create systems that cultivate a culture of excellence and produce competent, skilled leaders. The Church has created stable, reproducible results in its leadership training programs and built accountability into those programs. The Church has also significantly and measurably strengthened collaboration and connectedness among ministry leaders.

Biblical Stewardship

The fourth core value of the Church of God of Prophecy is Biblical Stewardship. The Church affirms that everything belongs to God. While he has graciously entrusted individuals with the care, development, and utilization of his resources, Christians are responsible to manage his holdings well and according to his desires and purposes. The Church acknowledges and encourages its members to recognize they are stewards of the resources, abilities, and opportunities God has entrusted to them, and one day, each one will be called to give an account for how what the Master gave was managed. Therefore, it is with joy that the Church works hand-in-hand with God, utilizing that which God had given, to his glory and honor.


The fifth core value of the Church of God of Prophecy is Service. Jesus served. He calls his followers to serve. All across the world, Church of God of Prophecy leaders, churches, and members serve their communities in a myriad of ways. They serve through community events, often partnering with charitable organizations to help those in need. Cleanup campaigns, emergency aid when disaster strikes, youth sports leagues, afterschool programs, care for the elderly, food pantries as well as teaching, preaching, giving, cooking, cleaning, helping, providing transportation—there are as many ways to serve as there are Church of God of Prophecy congregations. Our people serve.